How come that I don’t HATE running anymore

I have always hated running and never understood why would someone go for a run on their own free will! Especially in the morning when it’s cold and RAINING! Crazy!

But I have always been pretty active and yup I even forced myself to do the 1 warm up “k” on a treadmill but that was about it. Then few years ago, when I lived in Oxford, I thought I should give this “running thing” a try since it looks so easy when all the students do it… I got up early couple of times and made myself run 2km. And… it was horrible! I couldn’t breathe! On my third run attempt I stepped in a dog poo and when I got home I put my running shoes on a porch and decided that running is probably not for me and I stuck to the occasional gym work out with a 1k treadmill warm up and to swimming.

And then… October last year.

The hotel which I ran was sold and I ended up being unemployed and felt like all my hard work was for nothing. And two days after the hotel sale, my boyfriend broke up with me. Life ain’t easy sometimes.

I had two options:

a) drink my sorrow in the many cool bars in Prague (VERY tempting)

b) go to gym every day and try to “sweat it out” (not so tempting)

I chose option b (but option a was creeping in a lot as well – pssst! :) )

And for some unknown reason I fell in love with the treadmill in the gym and this song… I ran and cried my way through my first 5km – with Kaiser Chiefs playing over and over again!

But I still didn’t LOVE running until…

In January I moved to Berlin to start a new job and three months in the job I invited for an interview a guy called Matthes. He didn’t take the job (phew!) but we went for a beer instead and we’ve been happily together for eight months now.

On the second date we went for a run… I still don’t understand HOW I agreed to this! And I ran outside! Full 5km! I impressed myself and I was even more impressed that I wasn’t dying and that I actually really enjoyed it! (Thank you for the practice, treadmill and Kaiser Chiefs!)

On our third date Matthes asked me to join him for half Marathon in Rostock… and I said yes. (Crazy, right?) So I had to start running a bit more in order to “survive” the race. First I ran 6, then 10, 15 and then 20, 25km every week.

And on 2.8. I ran the Rostock Night Half Marathon. And it was great! Hard work but amazing! I didn’t have the best time (2:20) but I enjoyed every single minute of it… and since then…  I LOVE RUNNING!

What is your relationship with your running shoes? Or, let me re-phrase… do you own running shoes?

Btw. I – in no way or shape – look like an athlete. Never have and probably never will as I love food too much… but this makes me even prouder when I take over super athletic running dudes on my runs. Ha!

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