Why I LOVE food and how can someone FORGET to eat

I love FOOD!

I love shopping for food, finding and trying new recipes, cooking and baking… but most of all I love EATING.

my food

My relationship with food has been straight from the moment I was born (not like my relationship with running). I always ate everything and a lot of it! When I was growing up we didn’t have much money so when we got something sweet we had to share amongst ourselves. My food strategy has always been: “Eat it quick” whilst my sister Viola’s strategy was to “Keep it so it lasts” hence… the inevitable always happened… I quickly ate all of my sweets and then searched for the hiding place where Viola tried to store her sweets. A lot of hair got pulled out over our food fights. And then, as soon as my youngest sister Pepina learned how to speak, when chocolate bars were being divided she always shouted: “Mom, make sure they don’t eat mine”.

Yup – my whole family loves food! When we all meet we always eat – we visit each other in our flats and cook for each other, we meet in a restaurant up the road from where our grandma lives so she can walk there with us, we share recipes and call each other for help when we are not sure what else should go in a pumpkin soup and how long it needs to be cooked for. Few years when I lived in UK and my family came over for Christmas from Czech mom brought the entire Christmas dinner in her luggage: the potato salad, the meat, the whole thing. Good thing they didn’t ask her to open her luggage at the security!

My friends also love food – with two of my girl-friends we even have a little “WhatsApp group” where we regularly post pictures of our culinary adventures and where we recommend each other some new deliciousness.

And therefore I have never understood how can someone:

  • Forget to eat?! Are you not hungry? Is your mouth not watering when you see other people eat? Are you not feeling funny and dizzy when you walk past a food shop? How is this possible?
  • Not eat certain foods? Okay, I get it when you have an allergy – although honestly now – do you really have an allergy or you just don’t like some foods? Are you not feeling jealous if other people really enjoy the things you don’t eat?
  • Not like chocolate? This I really don’t understand… maybe you just haven’t found the right one for you? Not even a hot chocolate with loads of homemade vanilla whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkle?
  • Be on a diet and be happy? I tried diets but I only ever lasted one day… When I imagine that I could’t eat all the things I love it would be a sad sad life for me. However I admire all people who healthily lose loads of weight and then find new eating habits and are happy. Well done… and how the heck did you do that?

Are you one of these people? What is the secret? 

julia childs

P.S. My plan is to share some of my recipes and cooking adventures with you, here in my blog. And if you have a really good recipe that all your family and friends are crazy about – pleaaaseee, let me know- I’d love to try it :)

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