Do you take the time to STOP and THINK?

We live in a super fast world, everything moves quickly. Every day we face different checklists and obligations, we spend crazy hours at work, we have mortgages and bills to pay, we make loads of decisions (small and big), we try to “keep up” with the world. And then, when we have free time… what do we do? We try to pack in as much social life activities as possible… at least I always do!

So my question is: Do you take the time to STOP and THINK?

me young

When I was little, every evening, I dreamed about all the things I wanted to do “when I grow up”. I also kept a diary – my mom wrote one so, of course, I had to do it as well. (Actually my mom still keeps one and I… well, ehm ehm, I try to.) Every evening I wrote down what happened during the day and what are my plans for the future. I STOPPED and THOUGHT.

I have to admit that I took a long pause with writing my diary when our flat was robbed and my diary (which I stored in a little safe to prevent my sister Viola reading it) was stolen. I was a teenager so, as you can imagine, my diary was filled with my love life – mainly my “wishing” for a love life… I would have loved to see the face of the robbers who opened my safe hoping to find the family jewels only to find a diary full of first kisses with boys.

Anyways… back to the topic…

The last ten years I spent trying to balance working minimum of sixty hours a week, part time studying for a degree, trying to have a fun filled social life and to “squeeze in” some relationships in between. I have read many books about leadership and leadership styles, how to motivate people, how to get the best out of my teams but I really did not have (read: did not take) the time to STOP and THINK about ME. Does this mean that the older we get, the harder it gets to find the time to think? Or – maybe – we don’t have the courage to stop and think because we are scared that we could “discover” something we don’t want to know and we would then have to make some life changing decisions? Brrr!

Last year, when a hotel I ran, was sold, I wanted to take some time, do “nothing” and have a think if I am doing what I really want to be doing. But then, an offer came to move to Berlin and, because it is hard to step out of your own shadow, I didn’t really think about it and I said yes… so bye bye contemplation time.

Right now I have another chance… my contract is finishing and I decided to grab this chance and really STOP and THINK. So for the next few months my plan is to:

  • run a lot
  • cook a lot
  • read a lot
  • travel a lot
  • but mainly… THINK about ME a lot!

What about you? Do you take the time to STOP and THINK?

If you haven’t for some time, I urge you: DO IT! It feels damn GOOD :)

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