25 runs in 25 days!

I haven’t run once in the last two weeks. I really really wanted to… but didn’t. For the last two months I’ve been struggling with a horrible cold which kept coming back. And actually I am the one to blame because every time I felt a little better I went running and I didn’t give myself enough time to recover. Stupid, I know! So after a relay marathon two Sundays ago when I was racing to find the nearest toilet rather than beating the best time (if you ever had the runs during a race you know what I’m talking about – wild!), I decided to be sensible and give myself a break. The break paid off and I am now “itching” to run!


25 runs in 25 days!

Last week Matthes send me link to an article in the Guardian’s running blog about the AdventRunning challenge! What a great idea! I knew I’m in as soon as I read it!

So… what is the challenge?

Starting on the 1st December till the 25th December to run every day for at least 30 minutes. Easy peasy :) You can find all the details and info on: Advent Running Challenge.

Tomorrow is day 1. It should be -1 in Berlin. Brr!! But at least I will be able to test my new winter tights. Yay! One needs to look at the bright side…

I will be posting pictures from the runs on my Instagram so you can follow me and “check” that I’m not cheating and help me to stay motivated. And each week I will write a little week “sum up” blog.

The great news is that I managed to talk three others to join in! Ela, Honzo & Roberte – I challenge you to post “proves” of your runs on BabetaRuns Facebook :)

Who else is joining us?? The more, the merrier!!

And now I’m off to eat the cookies I just baked – because running start tomorrow, right?!



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