25 runs in 25 days done, 0 runs in 0 days to go! Aaaaa!!!!

4 days total: 27.75km… and I really can’t believe 25in25 is over!


Day 22 – Monday 22.12.

Distance: 5.11km

Time: 32:21

Weather: +7C (Windy but when you are in the forest, who cares, eh?!)


We are in Prague!

Today it was only me and Matthes running and I was really happy as my legs were hurting and I was glad no one was there to see me dragging my tired feet along. The plan was to get up early and go for a run. Usually when we sleep at Viola’s (my sister), Figaro, the cat, sleeps with us, and keeps waking us up so there is no chance of a lie-in, but since Figaro is now no longer allowed to sleep in the living room, we slept loooong. What a treat!

Our plan of an early run went out of the window… Nevertheless it was nice to run in Prague and I can’t wait for the next couple of days when we have some more company for our runs. And I hope my legs are looking forward to it too and won’t let me down!

Oh, and big news! I went to my hairdresser and I have a proper fringe! I’m still not sure I like it but Matthes says it looks good J

Day 23 – Tuesday 23.12.

Distance: 8.10km

Time: 54:46

Weather: 9C (Sunny and lovely.)


I got a message from my cousin Filip and he is joining us for a run today! Yay!

Last night was our first series of Christmas dinners. Petra cooked the most amazing duck ever and our stomach is still completely full of it. I actually think it was the best duck I have ever eaten! Yumm!

At 8 am Matthes and I met with Filip and with Honza (yup, “that” Honza who played dead bug) and Barry, the dog. Within the first two minutes Barry managed to break his special lead and had to go home and therefore we had to take a little detour before we hit our forest route.

It was lovely except I could feel every little hill and every little step. Something happened with my right thigh and, ehm ehm, it wasn’t very pleasant. My amazing boyfriend ran slowly with me whilst Honza and Filip were running up front. Oh well, so life goes…

Day 24 – Wednesday 24.12.

Distance: 9.72km

Time: 1:05:01

Weather: +3C (When is Prague the most beautiful? When it’s sunny. And today it was sunny!)


Today is the BIG Christmas day for all of us Czechs! After dinner Ježíšek (baby Jesus) flies in through the window and delivers presents.

And what do most Czech people do during the day? Watch fairy tales on telly.

What did Babeta do? Run, of course!

And because Filip loved our run yesterday and because he agreed to it after drinking a litre of wine at my dad’s Christmas party yesterday, he joined us again! Yay!

Today was the sightseeing run through Stromovka and Letná parks, up Prague castle and then down via Malostranské square, over Charles bridge to Old Town Square where we finished. It was amazing! I love this route! It is a bit hilly… well, when there is a castle involved, it has to be hilly, but it is a brilliant route.

The route was amazing, the company was amazing and the run was amazing. I think my legs decided to really enjoy it as well as they barely hurt! Or maybe it was the special “koňská mast” cream which Filip gave me yesterday! Thanks!

What a superb way to start the Christmas day?! I think from now on we have a new Christmas tradition – morning Christmas run!


FINAL DAY! Day 25 – Thursday 25.12.

Distance: 4.82km

Time: 30:34

Weather: I have no idea how many degrees we had – (there is no weather station in this tiny village in Northern Germany where Matthes’ grandma lives) but it was cold and raining like crazy!


After Ježíšek in Prague we got up super early and drove six hours to Northern Germany to see all of Matthes’ family and to pick up our presents, which Weihnachtsman (yup, this is the German Santa who also comes on the 24th after dinner) left for us.

We arrived just in time for the duck lunch and I think I have consumed the biggest amount of red cabbage in my life. The duck was topped up with chocolate pudding and we, of course, had to have some wine to wash it all down. And then we went for a run… Hmm. Franzi, Matthes’ sister also came with us.

Let me tell you, friends, running with duck and wine is bloody hard work! But we DID it! And when I was standing under the shower it felt really good J

I still can’t believe this was the last run of this 25in25 challenge!

It went so fast! Sometimes it hurt, sometimes I felt I was running super fast, sometimes I had problems lifting my legs… but overall it was amazing! And I am now sure that I can achieve whatever I set to achieve, especially the two half marathons in two days challenge in March and I am also sure that my first marathon in September will go “just fine”!


And without whom I could have not done this whole malarkey? My Matthes!

It was him who found the article in the Guardian about advent running challenge, it was him who told me that he knows I can do this, it was him who listened to my whingeing that my legs hurt and that I really don’t fancy going running just now. I’m so happy that I have him!

TBBE = The Best Boyfriend Ever! THANK YOU, Matthes!!!


Matthes and I now escaped for a little retreat to the Baltic sea so tomorrow during our run on the beach I will have a think about what has AdventRun gave me and I’m sure you will hear/ read about it soon!

P.S. Ela is amazing and ran 24 days and only left out 1 day when she was travelling with work. Well done, chica!!! Now we start the proper training for our crazy 2 half marathons in 2 days in 2 capital cities challenge!

P.P.S. Robert, as far as I know, ran ALL 25 days!!! Amazing! And on some days he ran crazy distances! Respect, man!!!

P.P.P.S. Honza… well… I don’t exactly know how many runs he did but I love him anyways J

And just in case you are wondering… Yup I ran on the 26th as well. And it felt AMAZING!



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