2014 is over! What is the secret for a happy 2015?!

It is here!

Last day of the year!


The older I get, the faster the years go by… Aaaa!

My plan was to participate in “Der Pfannkuchenlauf” run today,  the last race of this year. But after yesterday’s run when I didn’t feel good afterwards (I REALLY need to learn how to listen to my body), I decided to stay at home and bake a cake instead. Plus I really want to be able to run the “Berliner Neujahrslauf” run tomorrow!

And this pretty much sums up my 2014 (and my life, when it comes to it):

Nothing ever goes as planned but at the end it all works out even better than I could have ever hoped for!

What is the secret for a happy 2015?

1) Yup, nothing ever goes as planned, and we all know this! So, let’s not get stuck wishing for everything to go as planned but let’s look forward to, embrace and celebrate the unexpected! It can be hard, crazy but it’s definitely bloody worth it!

2) Sometimes you just gotta “go with the flow”. I, for one, am not very good at this. But I’m learning and so far, every time, it has really worked not to “push so hard” every time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of you to sometimes feel okay to let go and just “go with the flow”!

3) We say in Czech that luck comes to the prepared ones… so, my friends, I wish for you that you all are “well prepared” for everything which 2015 brings and so that “luck” can give you a little push and help you on your journey!


Thank you so much for reading, following, commenting and sending me ideas for my blog! You are amazing and I REALLY appreciate it!

And now… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



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