How to turn a shitty day into a fab one!

Life is amazing, full of opportunities, I am the best person I could possibly be, I do what I love, I can achieve whatever I set my mind to, the sky is the limit… usually this is how I feel when I wake up in the morning, but, sometimes (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), this is NOT how I feel when I wake up.

Yesterday was one of the days when I did not feel this way. What caused it? Probably the fact that in few weeks I will become officially unemployed (end of work contract) and I don’t have a new job lined up and actually don’t know what I’m doing… aaa!

When you wake up not feeling at your best, then you have two options: either you feel more and more miserable or you accept the challenge of “how to turn a shitty day into a fab one”. Because, at the end of it all – we choose how we feel and what outlook on life we take – if you want to have a fab day, just have it!


For everyone the recipe on how to turn one of these “I really don’t want to get out of bed today” days is different.

My recipe usually consist of one or a mix of these:

1) Go for a run.

Endorphins make everyone feel great and the easiest way to get them flowing is sport. And, as you would expect if you have been to my blog before, running became my sport of choice… so I go for a run!

2) Connect with the people I love.

I am a “sharing” type of person so talking about life helps me to sort my thoughts and ideas and put them in order. Having lived in several different countries means that my closest friends are all around the world and on a day like this I’m so happy that someone invented Skype and telephone! Thank you!

3) Organize my life.

Write in my diary, clear out my inbox, respond to all messages, which I have been wanting to respond for a while, clean the flat, think about how to improve our flat. I have my mind tuned on painting the kitchen now – Matthes doesn’t know about it yet J

4) Get creative.

And it doesn’t really matter how! As long as at the end of the process there is a finished “thing” and I can tell myself well done, everything counts. For me this also includes cooking and baking! Yummy!

5) Plan a holiday.

Planning a holiday or weekends away, searching for cheap flights, browsing accommodation websites, asking friends to crash on their couches. This always picks me up and I start looking forward to what is coming next.


Yesterday I chose options 2, 3 and 4!

I chatted with my mom and a couple of friends, paid all bills, checked when new semester for my school starts (yikes!), made gorgeous rocket pesto, amazing pappardelle with courgette, lemon and feta cheese, baked healthy peanut butter cookies (inspired by fANNEtastic) and I signed up for plank challenge in February.

And when I went to bed yesterday… I felt that I had a heck of a good day!


What is your recipe for turning a shitty day into a fab one?


P.S. When I spoke to my mom she told me that the meaning of life is to have kids.

P.P.S. I then spoke to my friend Ela, who said that she bloody hopes there’s more to life than having kids.

P.P.P.S. Ela send me a really cool article from the Huffington Post on Life’s Top Ten Happiest Moments … and it turns out that my mom may just be right?! :)

i am in charge

When everything fails then… have a glass of wine and a chocolate! Lots of it!


  1. Maminka má vždycky pravdu… Přišla jsem na to až s vlastními dětmi, předtím mě tohle přísloví strašně štvalo…
    Ale super článek :-) a fajn blog, pomalu se pročítám. Žila jsem taky v USA, i v Německu :-)


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