Why is running with hangover good for you and what are the rules of running with hangover

Ela had a birthday. And a birthday party. And I had wine. And beer. And it turns out that I get drunk after two glasses of wine and one bottle of beer! What happened to me? Where are the times when I drank two litres of wine during an evening and felt great the next day?!

Yup, you got it! Last Sunday I woke up with a hangover. The kind of hangover, which gives you a throbbing headache. Auch! And I wasn’t the only one who was regretting the wine and beer, Matthes was as well.

me and wine

Our plan for Sunday was, like every Sunday, long run. Both of us, in our pyjamas, drinking second cup of coffee and eating yet another banana, were trying to convince each other, that it was a superb idea to go running. We changed to our running gear and accompanied by our hangovers off we went…

And it was GREAT!

I’m not going to lie to you, the beginning was harder than usual, but when we got home, our hangovers were pretty much gone.

And then I remembered…

My first three months here in Berlin were one big party (apparently this is more than normal when you start living here) and I was suffering with hangovers very regularly. Within couple of weeks I learned how to run with hangovers (I had to if I wanted to exercise) and thus I realized that running with hangover is actually good for me! Why?

hangover running


1) It helps to CLEAR your hangover – this is a fact. Running will get your blood flowing and apparently this will help the toxins to leave your body sooner.

2) It makes you LEAVE the house – when the only thing you really want to do is stay in bed with the curtains closed. Fresh air is good for headaches! And, because of Murphy’s laws, the weather is usually amazing when you are dying of a hangover.

3) You FEEL like a ultra hard core runner – only hard core runners run with hangovers, right?! And, as we know, running gets the endorphins out, so you will feel better and happier and you will be super proud of yourself that you managed to go out for a run!


1) Drink LOADS of water – alcohol makes you dehydrated and so does running. Therefore, make you sure that you drink loads before you go for a run and also afterwards.

2) Eat PLENTY of carbohydrates – my mom always says that after a night out you need to “soak up” the alcohol. And moms are always right! So, eat before and after your run.

3) Don’t get too CLOSE to other runners – they could pass out if they smell your alcoholy breath… and just imagine you would have to give them mouth to mouth. Auch!

(Note: if the runner is a super handsome men/ gal, then do it! And get as close to them as possibly! For the CPR reasons, of course :).


If you are vomiting like crazy and cannot keep your eyes open, I wouldn’t go for a run. I haven’t tried it myself but somehow don’t think it’s too pleasant :)

One of sign of hangover could be diarrhoea and, let me tell you friends, running with diarrhoea is no fun. Unfortunately I did try this in November last year when I ran a staffel marathon with it and I don’t think I ever sweated so much during a run!


What about you?

Have you ever run/ exercised with a hangover?

What is your hangover remedy?


Btw. Just to let you know… I scanned the Internet upside down and found a lot of different articles on exercising with hangover, ranging from official studies from Harvard University to Men’s Health Magazine advice (Apparently sex should help to cure a hangover they say, hmm!) and it seems that the main rule is: if you feel okay enough to exercise, then DO IT, because it will make you feel better.


  1. My husband has loads of experience regarding hangover… and he usually tells me stories of running home from the pub in the evening. Well, it is usually quicker than waiting for the night buses :-) He says the same: it makes him feel better, because the toxins get out more quickly. He is also an expert :-)))

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  2. you are clearly much more hard core than me because Lord knows i cannot get myself out of bed to run!
    your lashes look amazing in that pic btw!


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