How to survive a break up without jumping off the highest bridge in your neighborhood.

I haven’t written for a while… during last month my life has turned by 180 degrees and everything is completely different. Again!

During last month I managed to:

  • go through a break up (not nice)
  • move to a different country (back home in Prague, yay!)
  • start a new job (an amazing one)
  • find a new flat (super nice and close to all the people I love)

My life has always been full of unexpected moments and surprises. Everyone who knows me, knows that my life is NEVER dull. I love my life but sometimes I wish that everything would “calm down” just a little bit and there was a period with very little surprises when I could just “be”. But I guess then it wouldn’t be MY LIFE.

Situations, surprises, moments, people… they all define us and make us a better person. And, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. So here I am – STRONGER. Yet again.

how to survive a break up

This is my recipe how to survive a break up without jumping off the highest bridge in your neighborhood:


1) Leave.

I know, it is easy to say, but harder to do. But this is exactly what I did. I packed my suitcase and left “that evening”. First night I spend with a friend (THANK YOU) and in the morning I drove to Prague. Four hours driving, when you can’t see the road through your tears, is probably not the safest thing to do, but for me, at the time, this was exactly the safest thing to do. And it helped!

So… leave. Leave everything behind and go somewhere where you will be surrounded by people who love you and who will take care of you.

snow running

2) Run.

Of course! Run like you never ran before.

Is it extremely cold outside? Good. Run.

Is the route super hilly and really hard? Good. Run, as fast as you can.

Exercising and endorphins are good when you feel emotionally down. I found a running coach. Something I wanted to do for a while. So far we’ve had only one run together. I loved it, even if calves were protesting big time the next couple of days. My new coach thinks that I should be able to do my first marathon n 4 hours. Hmm! We shall see. I’ll keep you posted. My original goal was “to survive” the marathon.

be loved

3) Be loved.

Surround yourself with people who you love and who love you back. I’m super privileged to have an amazing family and incredible friends who wouldn’t leave me alone even if I wanted to…

My first week in Prague was spent on my sister’s coach. Her boyfriend cooked for us and we watched telly together – no romcoms, mainly murders :)


4) Keep busy.

Visit friends you haven’t seen for a while, go on mini holidays. Don’t be at home alone thinking about “what if”…

Couple of weeks ago I went to Budapest with Ela and some of her friends (now my new friends, yay) and we had a great time, filled with sun and prosecco. I have been to Budapest couple of times but only now I realized how pretty the city is!


5) Remember that time heals everything.

Cry when you feel like it. Crying is good. And eventually you stop crying.

The one important thing to remember is that time really does heal everything – this is what I always tell myself when I’m going through some challenging life situation. And, it’s true! Our brains are programmed to forget pain, both emotional and physical.

Break ups are super hard. Basically your whole life shatters down in one moment… BUT time heals everything.

you are amazing 

I now have a fantastic job working for people I really like, I found a nice flat in a lovely place close to all my family and friends and I’m planning loads of little trips away … life is great!


What is your recipe for dealing with a break up?

  P.S. When none of the above helps, drink loads of wine and eat loads of chocolate! This also helps BIG time :)


  1. A great post! Seems like break-up is the best thing to do if one wants to enjoy oneself! :-)
    Well, I have just written a totally different post on my blog about NOT RUNNING away… but maybe I am totally wrong… running seems to be also a great thing to do :-)))))))))
    Well, it all needs time… and maybe a lot of tears… and chocolate. But I have never regretted any relationship and any breakup… especially if it all gave me some bonus. And I think that people whose life is crazy like crazy things with a bonus :-)))))))
    And btw. coaches are horrible… they always think that we can manage 100% more than we have ever thought possible :-)))


    • Thanks.
      Well, in order to “survive” a break up, one needs to stay busy and enjoy themselves as much as possible… so actually… yup! :)
      Running is brilliant! You can’t really run away from yourself no matter how hard you try, but: when you run, then your head clears and you can see the good things as well as the not great ones.
      We shall see what will the coach do to me :)))


  2. YES!! TO all of this, you are doing it right. I admire you for the first one, leaving is huge!! I hope you’re doing well and that time has been your friend. I know it takes A LOT OF IT (heck, I’m almost at two years post breakup and only recently within the last few months have felt wonderful about it) but everyday is a step closer! <3


    • Leaving is “saving your own skin”… But it’s not easy! Break ups are not easy… But life goes on, always has and always will…

      And as or door closes, who knows what comes next :)

      Now the plan is = “ME” time!


  3. Jojo, běhání jako lék na rozchod :) Já po rozchodu s běháním začla (abych se nezbláznila) a vydrželo mi to doteď, když už je všechno tak nějak lepší. Takže jo, běhání pomáhá na čištění hlavy úplně parádně…a ještě plavání můžu doporučit :) Ale těch lahví vína padlo taky docela dost, ne že ne :))


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