Why I hate being ill and how to get rid of flu!

Actually, I don’t think I know a single person who enjoys being ill. Do you?!

Being ill sucks.

Being ill, when you are moving from one country to another, when’ve you just started a new job and when you are training to run two half marathons in two days, sucks BIG time.

But so is life… nothing ever goes according to plan!


My mom always says that majority of illnesses are psychosomatic reaction to something else happening in you. And I guess, in my case, this is usually true. When everything is great and my life seems to be “on track”, I’m never ill. But as soon as there is a “hiccup” in the way, I always get ill… especially when it comes to failed relationships.

Few years ago, after a really long winded break up over few months, I ended up with chronic sinus infection. After another super dramatic break up, when the “ex” had depression and wanted to finish his life, I ended up with two slipped discs and couldn’t move for a month. So, actually, I should be happy that “on this occasion” I escaped only with a flu :)

The good thing about being ill is that, if you are ill “just enough” you have to stay in bed, but your brain still works fine, which means that you have time to think and reflect.

Unfortunately this wasn’t my case two weeks ago. I had a flu, a proper flu. The kind of flu where you can’t move, can’t swallow… I even had an eye infection. Yuck! I’ve even been to the doctor! But only to be told that I have a flu, and have to stay in bed and wait for the virus to go away.

Well, this is not my style! I don’t wait for things to finish themselves, I fight! Especially when it comes to bad viruses! So I googled, asked friends, my mom, even asked my grandma… and with the help of the below mentioned tricks I was ready to function again in few days time.


How I got rid of my flu:

  • Loads of fresh ginger tea with lime and honey
  • Loads of smoothies with lemons, kiwi, oranges and other fruits
  • Tea tree oil inhalations (turns out my skin loves this as well!)
  • Disgusting onion syrup with honey
  • Even more disgusting garlic syrup with sugar

My two half marathons in two days in two capital cities challenge is coming in 16 days! The longest distance I’ve run lately was 16k at the end of December. And now I haven’t run for almost three weeks…

My plan was to run long distance in February and March so I am ready for running 2x 21k in 2 days… but, as I already mentioned in the beginning, nothing ever goes as planned. So, bring the challenge on and may all the saints be with me during the challenge!

Today I went for my first run after returning to “healthy people life” and it felt good. It was hard work and, after I ran up a hill, I had to stop to catch my breath, but… it felt good. Yay!

flu run


What is your recipe on getting over a flu?


P.S. Not only my mom thinks that majority of illnesses are psychosomatic reaction to something else happening with you. The Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health also says that emotional factors play a role in the development of nearly all organic illnesses.

P.P.S. My mom is right and knows a bunch of useful stuff.

P.P.P.S. No wonder “they say” that moms are always right :)


  1. Oh gosh,… this is bad. I tried to get rid of a cold, too. Can not remember that I was that sick since years, but with a lot green tea, greens, juices, smoothies and everything healthy it became better. However using natron several times a day helped as well and I love cistus tea; but I take ginger and everything you recommended as well.


    • Oh no! Are you fighting a cold too?
      This flu I had… man, I haven’t been this ill for a VERY long time. It started with sore throat and I even had eye infection. Crazy!
      And even now… almost a month after… I am not 100% healthy. Brr!!

      Hope you will be super healthy soon!!!


  2. oooh I had the worst flu last week and wish I had read this then! I am totally the same with getting sick- when everything is going okay I’m fine but I always end up burning myself out in some way (usually after finals) and get really sick! Not fun at all! I’ll be trying ginger tea next time for sure :)


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