What “not to forget to do” when in London… my style!

I spend over seven years in England and I loved every minute of it. I miss England and every time when I land in UK I feel like I’ve arrived “home”. And it doesn’t matter if I land at Heathrow, Edinburgh, Manchester or Exeter.

look right

What I find really funny is that every time when I mention to someone that I lived in UK “that” someone always says: “Oh, yeah, London must be a really cool place to live.” Well, yes, I’m sure. But, actually, I have never lived in London.

I lived in Bath, Bristol, Exmoor National Park (beautiful), Chester and Oxford. I never particularly craved living in London. I love the hustle and bustle of the city but I never wished to live there.

BUT! I spend at least one weekend and a couple of work days in London every month. And if I had to name my favourite cities in the world London definately would be among them. I love London: all the galleries, bars, restaurants, shops and also the fact that each of its suburb lives its own life and has a completely different feel to it. London is GREAT!


For me a perfect day in London is taking the tube to London Bridge, getting a snack (read: cake) at Borough Market, then walking to Tate Modern gallery and admiring the art there, strolling through Southbank and popping for late lunch and a pint of dark ale somewhere there and then going to SoHo for dinner and cocktails.

If you love walking around cities which are breathing with atmosphere, eating fantastic food from all around the world, drinking cocktails in uber trendy bars, visiting galleries and doing whatever one can do in a big super cosmopolitan city, you will also think that London is GREAT.

These are my five “don’t forget to do” when in London tips:

tate modern

  1. Visit Tate Modern

I love Tate Modern! I love the exhibitions, I love the Espresso bar there and I love the arty shop. If you like a bit of art then you should definitely check it out! They also have a great email newsletter and I have planned a trip to London before, just to see an exhibition.


  1. Take a stroll on Southbank

For me a trip to London is never complete without a stroll along the Thames. When the weather is great, there is nothing better than to sit in the sun, watch the river and have a pint of dark ale and listen to the street artists. And when the weather is not so great there are some cool pubs along the river and some really nice eats – I love Wahaca, Mexican street food and I could be persuaded to kill for their Chorizo & Potato Quesadillas! Yumm!

borough market_magda

  1. Eat something from Borough Market

I know! Borough Market is one of the big tourist attractions but I really like it there. And it is a “must” see for all foodies. Of course, I would never go there on a Saturday because it is absolutely mentally full of people, but it is a really nice place to visit even if you only want to “stall window shop”.

Note to self: next time choose the double chocolate brownie and not a cookie so you are not jealous of your friends again.


  1. Get drunk in SoHo

Why I like SoHo? Well, I guess part of it is really sentimental. My amazing friend Magda used to work in SoHo and we used to meet there, get drunk in the local bars, eat in the local restaurants and generally have a fab time there. I can’t even think how many super important girl conversations took place in the bars around Wardour street. SoHo is full of cool trendy bars and you can also find some super traditional pubs. It’s a great place to go for a drink. And when you are in SoHo and fancy something sweet, make sure you pop in to Princi. OMG! These cakes! OMG! These pastries! I promise you, you will fall in love with that place!


  1. Be posh in Covent Garden

Covent Garden is posh. The shops there are not exactly cheap, the people who go there are posh (not the tourists obviously). So when you go to Covent Garden you feel posh. And we all deserve to feel a bit posh every once in a while. My favourite time to visit Covent Garden is during Christmas time. The whole market area is beautifully decorated and everything breathes Christmas atmosphere. Enjoying a mulled wine and listening to street musicians whilst staring at a lit up deer is a must for everyone who wants to feel Christmassy.

Of course, there is loads more to do and see… this is just a couple of things which I LOVE doing when I’m in London. If you are after some more tips, let me know!

Have you been to London? What is your favourite thing to do in London?

Is London on your “wish-list” of places to visit?

 P.S. This weekend is my “2 half marathons in 2 days in 2 countries” crazy challenge. Aaaa! Only one more sleep! Wish me luck!!! The closer the races are, the more scared I am :)

P.P.S. My favourite running routes in London are… all routes around the river. When I stay in the city centre then I love running through Camden Lock and Little Italy and when I stay at Magda’s house then the beautiful Lee Valley park is just around the corner – below is us getting ready for our 17,5k ran two weeks ago.

P.P.P.S. And in case you are not going to London but to Berlin check out my blog about Berlin: What “not to forget to do” when in Berlin… my style!

running london


    • You should go! And you have it around the corner as well :))

      THANKS! The closer it gets, the more scared I’m getting. I went to yoga yesterday. And we did leg exercises for 1,5 hours so now my legs hurt. That was an epic fail from my part to attend the class… Oh well :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • If you can, scrub your legs. Scrub glove or sponge and rub them for 15 minutes – not too hard, but enough to feel the blood flowing. It helps me enormously with tired legs. I can’t promise all pain will be gone but hopefully it’ll help. I will keep my thumbs crossed for you!


      • I love London too… and mainly the parks. And walking around the typical English houses and typical English streets. And the tube (a map underground? Yes!). And I am afraid your post will cause me a trouble… food, food, food, yummy food… whenever I go anywhere, it is ALWAYS because of the food :-))
        Btw, I went to some yoga classes a few months ago and I was happy for the qiqong classes that taught me to relax the muscles and use minimum strength needed… even standing with my hands stretched for half an hour :-)) While the youngsters around me could no longer excercise the arms, I still could :-))) And I must say that my fitness is way underground since the times I used to go running and jumping etc. etc…


      • Food is good!!! Mňam!!!

        Ja se snažím chodit na jógu aspoň jednou týdne, abych se protáhla. Většinou to nebolí, ale včera jsme, z nějakýho fakt nepochopitelnyho důvodu, cvičili fakt jenom nohy. Do toho jeste dneska cely den musím pobihat na podpatkach, tak jsem zvědavá, jak se mi bude zítra a v neděli behat :)


      • Víš co, jsem ráda, že jsme ty své blogy našly… nějak si říkám, že bych na té své fyzičce měla výrazně zapracovat :-)) To je chvilku cvičím, chvilku necvičím, chvilku se krmím sladkostmi, chvilku ne… a nějak se nemůžu rozhoupat :-))) Jógu jsem musela nechat, protože se mi nějak natáhla achilovka a ještě jsem s ní chtěla dceři ukázat, jak se skáče do dálky:-) … když moc běhám (na tramvaje), tak ji i teď začnu zase cítit :-( A cítím, že mi to moc chybí, bývala jsem “vymetač” sportů :-))))

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Good luck running your half marathons! I’m sure you’ll do great. Just remember to have lots of fun with them!
    I’ve never been to London (or anywhere in Europe for that matter), but I definitely want to go there someday :)

    Liked by 1 person

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