One year older, one year wiser?

I am 32.

I am single.

And I am happy.

When I was “little” (I think it is my third birthday on the picture below) and thought that everyone who is over 25 is as old as Jerusalem, I thought that when I am 25 I will have:

  • 1 big house
  • 2 cars
  • 1 husband
  • 2 children
  • 1 dog + 1 cat

babeta little

Now, age 32, my current score of the “when I was little” plan is:

  • 0 big house
  • 1 car (it’s blue)
  • 0 husband (and 0 boyfriend when it comes to it)
  • 0 children (kinda hard to do without the above)
  • 0 dog + 0 cat (they would probably die of starvation if I had some since I’m never home)

babeta old

Last week it was my birthday. Hurray! And, same as every year, it made me think of who I am, what I’m doing, if I’m happy and if I am enjoying living my life. And what did I figure out? I LOVE living my life and I am HAPPY!

My life, same as everyone else’s, is full of unexpected turns and twists. Sometimes life can be bloody hard, sometimes it can be pretty unfair. The bottom line is, that even the worst life situations bring something good and ultimately they make us a better person.

The main thing for me is, that I can CHOOSE if I want to be happy or not. It is me who can change majority of the things I don’t like in my life, or, as a minimum, I can change the way I look and perceive them.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to stop and think about what memories I have from my birthdays from the last 5 years. So, here it goes…



Living in: Prague, Czech Republic

A nice day at work, brunch with a friend in her amazing café, then super crazy session with the running coach (I am almost ashamed to admit that I actually love the horrible hill sprints and bench squatting he makes me do… what happened to me?!) and a dinner with my family in a lovely Italian restaurant in Prague. And I got a super cool surprise present from them. Yay!



Living in: Berlin, Germany

It is funny how distant and kind of unreal it feels now… but last year on my birthday I was picked up by the “ex” on his motorbike, driven all around Berlin with couple of stops for beer and walks. Yup, it was pretty cool :)



Living in: Prague, Czech Republic

My 30th birthday. I planned a small birthday party… it ended up being a gigantic party with over 100 people, all dressed up in 80’s fashion (we had to, I was born in the 80’s, you know). It was crazy!



Living in: Witney, United Kingdom

I think the Facebook status from the “day after” says it all…



Living in: Oxford, United Kingdom

I just got promoted at work for a job I really wanted to do and my friends Petra and Honza came to visit me. We spend an amazing week travelling all around Southwest of England. What a great trip that was!

Let’s see what happens in the next five years…



Do you also stop and think on your birthdays?

Where did you think you will be age 25 when you were “little”?

Are you HAPPY with your life ?



P.S. I’m really happy that when I was “little” I did not even consider where I will be age 32… judging by the above, I have a feeling that I would have believed that at this “old age” I will be close to dying and that I’d have at least 10 grandchildren if not more :)

P.P.S. Keeping diaries, calendars and Facebook are great and useful tools if you want to travel in time and in memories!


  1. I don ´t believe you! You cannot be 32 :) when i read it = what?? Wow! You sound super young and positive all the time :) i expected 25 maybe? :D stay cool as you are :) and happy B-day :*


  2. Happy birthday! I also did not expect you to be 32, you certainly do not look like that, and you are so full of energy and youth. And I am a little jealous how positive and happy with your life you are, I wish I was able to take it so optimistically as well. All the best!

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  3. Congrats! Well, I do not remember where I thought I would be… but I sure remember considering all children older than 12 soooo old when I used to go with them to the same school canteen :-)))
    When I was 32, I had even less than you – no car :-))) I was still studying at the University :-) My gorgeous work in Sri Lanka still before me. I think that the summer month in Cairo, working on my thesis over karkade and sheesha also still before me. Great times! I was in love, crazily! But I did not know my husband at that time. Now, I have husband, I have 1 child, I have work I love. The house is my husband’s in fact. The car too ( I do not drive anyway, even though I have the licence). The dog is my mother’s. The cat is my sister’s. But I can enjoy it all :-) I am very happy, having soooo many good people around me, living a peaceful life, being led to what my soul most desire, full of love. And yet, I was told that I am ungrateful (in a kind way). And I think that the person is very much right. In a way. Given all the circumstances of my life, I could already be soaring with extasy :-))))) And feeling so much joy! Why do not I???


    • Yay!! You know what… when I look around friends my age… pretty much all of them have kids and are married or are trying to get pregnant and waiting for the proposal. Thank God for the few I have who have similar life to me and who do all the crazy things with me. And when I’m with the first bunch of friends they always talk about how amazing it is to have a family and that I should “hurry up”… so it is really good to learn about others who were somewhere else at 32! :)))

      I think we live in a society where we are pushed to never be satisfied with what we have. There is so many “external stimulations” which are pushing us to be somewhere, do something and/ or own something that it is very easy not to appreciate where we are and what we have. Also, some of us (me being one of those people) have an internal driver who makes me want to do better and be better and reach some new goals all the time. And that’s why I always try to stop and reflect every once in a while… and enjoy, and be grateful. But, as I say, I try… and not always I’m successful!! :)

      But I exactly know what you mean!!

      Btw. I also own a flat… hmm… I kinda forget to mention that in the post… oh well, flat is not a house and I’m paying mortgage for it, so it doesn’t really count :)


      • No, no, it DOES count :-)) It means that you, in a way, are normal :-) I am from a strange generation… many of my schoolmates have grown up children :-) But many of them have children of my age :-) And some have 2 grown up children and 1 child of my age :)))) We are the “border generation” I would say. It used to be normal to get married in 20s in my times :-) But a few of us were sort of not up-to-date. :-) Or were we rather visionaries?? :-)) Well… now, I can say: yes, to have a child is gorgeous. It gives you the opportunity to work on yourself and be better and better… for your child. And for you peace of mind :-) You’ll find out that you are BY FAR not as patient as you used to think. For example :-)))) When you meet the ONE that you believe will not run away from responsibilities, if you love him the way he is and if you feel that your time has come (not to say to yourself: Oh, I wanted this and that … and BECAUSE OF THE CHILD I can not), go for it! I have never thougt I am the mother type. I actually not a real caring mother type. But I sure found an amazing joy and fullfillment in motherhood. And for all the funny things you can do with the child, for all the dancing, and singing, and playing and creativity and all the sense in upbringing a child, I would be willing to be an ALMOST full-time mother :-) Of course, your own time for yourself and your hobbies is essential. That is what the children learn from you too :-)))))

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      • Ha,ha, thinking about it, I am the other one to tell you: go for it! :))) I just wanted to say: life goes as it goes. Some girls are ready in 20s, some are ready in 30s :-) Very often it is not our choice… life does the decision. And it is always better to wait than regret :-)))) Many women my age are divorced….

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  4. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful post. Wish you all the best and much more excitement during the next year.

    Remembering all the birthdays is something I really love. I am kinda happy with my life and have more or less everything I dreamed of and quite a bit mire :)

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  5. Happy belated birthday! I had dreams of being an explorer/adventurer/archaeologist/writer/vet/scientist…all sorts of things! At age 25 I was living in the beautiful Australian outback with vibrant red soil, gorgeous blue skies, starry nights and 200km from the nearest store. I also had two little children to care for. It wasn’t exactly what I planned but in many ways it was an exciting adventure and I learnt many new skills. I think overall I am happy to have survived to be in my 40s. There were ups and downs. They all played a part in the fabric of my life. :-)

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  6. Happy belated birthday! Age is just a number – what counts is that you are happy :-)

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday in Dresden!


  7. Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE your perspective on life and I’m so glad you are happy!!
    I too thought I would be married by 25 and have two kids soon after. Well I’m already past that (26) but I don’t even want kids anymore!! I’d much rather explore the world :D

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  8. Hi, happy belated birthday :-) We are the same age now :-) I like your approach to life – to be happy with what you have. I don’t like people complaining about their lives.
    Btw. When I was 20 I thought at 32 I would have great career in civil engineering and would live in London/Brighton, no children. The fact is – no career, 2 kids, living in Czech rep. :-D but totally happy :D

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  9. Happy belated Birthday!! :) I love your outlook on life! It’s tough sometimes to shed society’s expectations of what we should have accomplished by a certain age and just be happy. I would rather be enjoying life than trying to push myself into something because of some age deadline. I have a friend in her late 20s who is convinced she needs to be married and have a child before she’s 30, so I keep trying to get her to drop the deadline she’s set for herself. If it happens for her, great but I don’t want her to think all is lost if it doesn’t.
    Everyone has their own journey and even though I’m not where I want to be I’m learning to be happy.


  10. Happy birthday! I love this post. I always reassess on my birthday too and I definitely agree that when you’re little it’s easy to think I’ll have xyz when I’m 25 and reality is totally different! I remember thinking I’d be so grown up and responsible etc when I was 20…. Ummm not so much ;)

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  11. Celou dobu, co znám Tvůj blog, jsem si myslela, že jseš cca stejného věku, jako já :D (mně je 22)
    Už je trochu pozdě, přát ti hezké narozeniny, nicméně ti musím složit aspoň poklonu…jsi kočka a vypadáš faaakt dobře!


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