Survival guide: How to cope with all inclusive beach holiday when you are not the all inclusive beach holiday type

I did it! I survived my first ever all inclusive beach holiday! And I enjoyed every minute of it! And when our little holiday came to an end I even tried to extend it! Luckily my sister saved me from going bankrupt and talked me out of it.

My holiday plans usually consists of: a backpack, booking for first night accommodation and an open mind.

I never understood how someone, who doesn’t have children and is under sixty years of age, can voluntarily sign up for an all inclusive beach holiday. Until now.


Last year my sister and I went on our first grown up holiday together. We had such a great time that we decided to make this a tradition and go on a holiday together every year. This year, with our different budgets and super strict time schedule we decided to book a packaged holiday. Whooooaaa!

As soon as we made this decision I panicked. I imagined loads of families with little screaming children (I’m sure that YOUR children are lovely, super well behaved and don’t scream), a sleazy holiday rep (if you are a holiday rep, I’m sure that YOU are not sleazy at all), then I imagined masses of horrible not fresh food and I panicked a bit more. And then I googled and googled and found a cool “smallish” hotel, away from all the big resorts, tucked in a small village in Crete that only allows adults and I though… what a heck, let’s give it a try!

And we had an amazing time! We read a lot, ate a lot, swam a lot, talked a lot and ran a lot (well, I ran a lot whilst my sister slept a lot).

If you are like me and you are not the all inclusive beach holiday type, I promise you, that when you stick to these rules, you will have an amazing time!

make it short

1) Make it short but sweet.

This is THE rule of all rules!

Our all inclusive holiday lasted 4 days. And it turns out that to book a short holiday was the best decision ever. We spend exactly 2 and a ½ day lying on the beach, reading our books and swimming and we had great time.

The benefits of a short holiday:

  • you don’t get bored – this is always my problem if I am at one place for too long
  • you still enjoy the company of the other person you are with – read: you don’t have time to get on each other’s nerves
  • you are actually sad that you are leaving. I’m sure that you know the saying: “You should always finish when it’s best.” It’s true!

quiet with

2) Go with someone you can be quiet with.

Have you ever been on a holiday where you felt, that you need to be sociable ALL the time? I have! And it ain’t fun. When I got back from this particular holiday I was craving alone time.

Holiday for me is when I don’t need to be sociable and I can just “be”. Going on holiday with my sister is exactly that – no effort, no need for words, no need to entertain each other. We just “are”.

So, if you want to really relax, make sure you go on holiday with someone who you can just “be” with.


3) Get up early and “run-plore”.

“Run-plore” = explore by running.

No one likes getting up at 5:30 and if someone says that they do, I think they are lying. But there is nothing better than going for a run at 5:30 when you are by the sea. Everything is slowly waking up, the sun starts to peak through the horizon, the birds and the cicadas start to sing. If you love running – these are the special moments when you realize just how much you love running. And if you are not a runner, trust me, that if you give this a try, you will fall in love with running as well.

Also, early morning runs mean that you:

  • discover places you wouldn’t discover otherwise
  • are first to have breakfast and you are hungry hence food tastes AMAZING
  • are first at the beach because when you are at the beach, the others are only getting up. Yay!


4) Do something a bit naughty.

I’m sure everyone’s imagination is now running wild. But, my friends, I went on a holiday with my sister so I don’t mean what you think I mean. What I mean is, do something different.

For example: spend a little cash and go for dinner away from your hotel. During one of my morning runs I discovered a lovely little restaurant. That fish OMG!, the wine! the feta cheese! and the free Ouzo! It was soooo worth spending the extra money.


5) Go skinny-dipping.

Why? Because there is nothing better than swimming in the sea naked!

When? Clearly, if you are don’t enjoy when others are watching you and think that you are complete weirdo, I recommend going super early morning or late at night :)


I loved our holiday. Will I go on another all inclusive holiday? I’m not sure. But if I do, I am, again, sticking to these rules!


Are you the all inclusive beach holiday type?

Do you get up early to go for a “run-ploring” when you are on holiday?

And what about you and skinny-dipping?



P.S. When we arrived to our hotel, we found a rose on our bed.

P.P.S. When we went for the first dinner we realized that we were probably the only pair who was not a couple in love.

P.P.P.S. Me and my sister have the same last name… so I guess it was obvious to everyone that even we were on our honeymoon :) Hihi! Our hotel turned out to be the honeymoon hotspot in Crete!


  1. Maybe you know I love the beach, summer, sun… Everything -and yes the sand, too. I love your tips and short vacations can be as big as long ones. I usually enjoy hotels with some breakfast and dinner, while the dinner ist most important for me. I can stay a full day with fruits or whatsoever but need a proper dinner. Alone time is very important, too. I love to chat but totally understand when you need some time without any words. Beach is perfect for that.

    P.S. Skinny-dipping: oh ya!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your list of things sounds very appealing to me right now as I sit here at work! Especially “Go with something you can be quiet with.” I am all socialed-out at the moment! Great post, Babette. :-)


  3. Honeymoon resort se sestrou , to je bomba :-D Taková dovolená mi zní jako z říše snů – číst, ležet, běhat. Na příštích několik let se nás to netýká. A je pravda, že před dětma jsem si neuměla představit jet do all inclusive hotelu. Teď je to naopak to nejjednodušší – jídlo, zmrzlina a bazén s tobogánem neustále k dispozici :-)


  4. Krásnou dovču jste měly holky a ta jacuzzi musela být boží i se ségrou :) Mě osobně by asi doteď nenapadlo jet tak “daleko” jen na 4 dny, ale věřím, že to mělo něco do sebe. A nás to už taky brzo čeká… Studentský život se chýlí ke konci :D

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I would have totally pretended to be on my honeymoon haahha. These sound like all the right tips for someone like me. I do better with short trips unless there is A TON of exploration to be done. Sounds like the perfect getaway!

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  6. I’m usually the type to go to a country for about three months and work there part time or something like that while travelling- but a short all inclusive holiday sounds super relaxing! Love that you went with your sis too :) I went skinny dipping a lot when I was in Canada last year (heaps of nude lakes where Iived) and I loved it, such a beautiful feeling! Lol! :)


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