I’m a MARATHONER, in LOVE with Medoc Marathon

If you are not a runner, then beware that after reading this post, you may just catch yourself fancying to start running so you could experience THIS!

If you are a runner and you tend to get jealous easily, then I strongly advise you NOT to continue reading this post!

medoc bottle

They say that all things you do for the “first time” are fantastic. Well, I would argue about couple of them (and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one) but when it comes to my first marathon, I 100% support this saying!

On 12.9.2015 I not only became a marathoner (btw. two years ago I didn’t even properly know how many km this is and it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind that I would ever be able to do this myself) but I experienced one of THE BEST days of my life! And I completely and utterly fell in love. I fell in love with Medoc Marathon and, yet again, with running.


What is Medoc Marathon? Well, it is a marathon and you run 42,195 km BUT you run in beautiful southwest of France countryside, along and through different vineyards and chateaus and you get to taste 22 different wines, eat oysters, entrecôte, cheese and ice cream whilst you run! And let’s not forget the costumes! Everyone has to run in a costume!

Medoc is all about team and camaraderie and I was privileged to have a GREAT and very international team. Me from Czech republic, Ela from Poland, Saara and Oli from Finland and Jens and Sven from Germany. Some of us have seen each other for the first time but from the first moment we met, it felt as if we knew each other a long time before Medoc.


Our pre-marathon preparation

I flew in to Bordeax one day earlier so I had a head start of the preparation (read: I drank more wine than the others) plus I also had time to explore the beautiful city. Note to self: I need to come back here!

And what was our preparation? Drinking wine! The day before the marathon we went to a pasta party where we drank wine, danced a lot and ate plentiful! And, let me tell you, this is much more fun, than the usual one day before no alcohol and plain food pre-race prep.

marathon glass

RACE day

As with “regular” races, we had a big lovely breakfast, got dressed and off to the start we went… and that was about the last similarity of a “regular” race day. (Except, of course, usually I don’t run in golden cylinder and a golden bow tie :)


… and I don’t usually walk to the start via vineyards…


Starting corridors? Forget it! One big pack of people and proper body to body experience. I have never been closer to a random older Chinese man in my life!


And then the gun shoot went off and we ran our first 2k to the first wine tasting station aka “refreshment station”. Yumm!

first station

Except two stations, when it rained super heavy and we would have do a little de-tour, we stopped and tasted ALL wines on offer. Some of us even had seconds (thirds and fourth in same cases) of particular wines!

too many drinks

When we reached half marathon we were all surprised how fast the time went and we were sad that we are already at half point! Crazy, right?!

half marathon

The sun was shining about half of the way and the second half it was pouring rain. But we didn’t care and we enjoyed stopping and dancing to the music and soaking up the atmosphere.


Oysters and champagne on km 39 was definitely a highlight of the race. OMG!!!


And we loved the ice cream and beautifying parlor on 41st km! Of course we need some “make up” to look good when we cross the finish line! You bet!

ice cream

When we reached the finish line we were all super sad that it was finished! And if someone asked us to run the whole thing again – we would!


And just for the record…

Saara is amazing and she saved a men’s life! When we were just about to reach the finish line, Saara spotted a man, who was watching the race, dropping his phone and going unconscious. Straight away she went to help him and assisted whilst some “non runners” called the ambulance. True hero!!!

hero od medoc

Some people had rather strange costumes!


We were staying in a lovely farm house 4km from a village of Pauillac which was where the start was. So, actually on the day of the race, we not only ran 43.32 km (this is what my watch said) but also walked 8k on top of this.


If you were to run ONE marathon in your life, then Medoc Marathon MUST be it!


Would you run with your butt cheeks exposed and saying “hi” to the world?

Is Medoc Marathon on your wish list?

We are already making plans for next year! Who else is joining us?


P.S. Nope, I didn’t get drunk during the run! :)

P.P.S. Believe it or not, NOTHING hurt me the next day! Whoop whoop!!

P.P.P.S. This Sunday I am running my first “real” marathon – Berlin Marathon. I now know that I can conquer the distance but I am still scared shitless (and excited at the same time). Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Congrats on your first marathon!! What a fun experience! I first heard about Medoc Marathon last year and it’s definitely on my must-run list since I’m the biggest fan of wine and oysters :) How did you not get drunk from all the wine?!?!


    • It is AMAZING!!!
      The registration usually open sometimes in spring and they don’t say the exact date so you need to “keep on checking”.

      Haha, we were wondering if we ended up getting drunk but we were drinking loads of water as well and we didn’t get drunk :)


  2. Wau, to muselo být super. Tolik vína a ta nádherná krajina to je úplný sen :-) Oysters and champagne na 39.kilometru to je přesně to, co jsem hledala na občerstvovačce na Pražském maratonu :-D Tam jsem se mezi banánama a ionťákem snažila najít něco, co by mi takhle zvedlo náladu :-D Samozřejmě držím pěsti na real marathon :-)


    • Diky! Zacinam se bat. Prave jsem se vratila ze 4km shake out behu a nejak mi to vubec nebezelo. Ale zitra rano to proste musi bezet a TECKA. Uf :)

      Na Prazsky maraton 2016 uz jsem zapsana, ty? Muzeme si sebou vzir oysters do batuzku, nebo si zaridime vlastne obcerstvovacku s oysters :))


    • Jee!! Díky moc!!!

      A dej vědět, jakej byl Mnichov? Kamarád me taky lákal, prý je to fajn závod! Budu držet palce, tak dej vědět; jak to dopadlo!!

      Medoc je uzasnej!! Fakt!! Určitě pojed taky!


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