Berlin Marathon surprised not only me but also my mom!

As soon as I crossed the finish line I send a text message to all the people I love saying: “I survived”.

Straight away my mom send me a message back saying:

“I always thought that finishing a marathon is an inhuman performance. It is strange that my always chubby and extremely food loving daughter can do it so easily.”

Well, to be absolutely honest, I didn’t do it as easily as I would have liked to but I finished and that’s what counts!

BERLIN finisher

As you know… (if you don’t know then you can get to know it HERE)… two weeks before Berlin Marathon we ran Medoc Marathon. This meant that both Ela and I (two marathon rookies) knew that we can conquer the distance of 42,195 km. But we also knew that Berlin marathon will be a bit different and that it will most likely hurt. But we were both geared up and looking forward to it.

I’m always nervous before a race so the evening before Berlin Marathon was no exception. But when we went to pick up our start numbers the excitement took over and I was already looking forward to the experience. OMG! I am running one of the world major marathons! I am running Berlin! Whoopeee!

BERLIN start number

In the morning we had coffee and toast with jam and off we went to meet with Jens and Birgit and “get to the starting line”.

Our plan was to run our first “proper” marathon under 4:30, first 10k slow, then speed up and try to hold the speed. It’s good to have plans, right?!

Ela and I promised to each other than we will run together no matter what and if one of us will be nearly dying, the other one will save her and motivate her. That’s what FRIENDS do!

I was pretty sure that it won’t be me needing motivation.

Oooh, how wrong was I…

BERLIN before start


The first 25k were lovely and everything was going according to “our plan”. We were both enjoying the atmosphere and we were having fun.

BERLIN on the course

But then, it started!

From 25,5 km it was only Ela who was enjoying the atmosphere and having fun… I was dying (well, running, but nearly dying).

Km 26My legs started to hurt. What? That never happens to me! What is this, legs?! Why are you doing this to me?! I knew my legs will hurt but so early?!

Km 28 – I’m making Ela promise me that when I start signing up for another marathon, she will stop me. I can’t do this! Why was I so stupid thinking that I can run a marathon?

Km 30 – Am I going to throw up or am I not going to throw up? Hmm. That is the question.

Km 32 – I know I need to try to eat something but I really can’t. I HATE this, I HATE this, I HATE this.

Km 35 –  Ela: “How does Karel (my trainer) motivate you when you can’t run any more?” Me (really grumpily): “He doesn’t.”

Km 35,5 – I HATE this. Why am I feeling so shit?! BooHoo! I HATE this! NEVER more!

Km 36 – Maybe I should give up? I can’t give up! I CANNOT give up. I NEVER give up!

Km 36,5 – Nike crew signs. Loads of them! This one made me cry! Which meant I couldn’t breathe! Stop crying, Babeta, stop crying!

“Don’t give up now, you are almost a marathoner.”

Km 37 – Berlin Run Pack crew cheering! Sooo cool!!!

Km 38 – I walked through the drinks station and if Ela wasn’t pestering me to start running again, I would have happily walked a bit longer!

Km 38,5 – More Nike crew signs! I loved this one even if I wasn’t running fast but hey who cares… I WAS running!

“Your legs are hurting cause you’re running so fast.”

Km 39 – Where the f**k is the f******g km 40! F**k! F**k! F**k!

Km 40 – OMG! Only 2 more! Even if I go super special slow the finish is less than 13 minutes. I CAN do this.

Km 41 – Wohoo! I see Brandenburger Tor! Shit, Jens said the finish line is a way behind it. Why is Unter den Linden SOOOO long!

Km 42 – OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m almost there! I’ve almost done it! OMG! The torture is almost over!

Km 42, 195 – It’s over! I survived! Whopeeee!! I LOVE Ela, I LOVE the world, I LOVE every living creature in the world!

Now, where’s the beer?

BERLIN beers

I am happy I was there.

I am happy I finished.

I am disappointed that I really did not enjoy it.

Who knows why. I trained enough. Maybe it has something to do with my thyroid (I have just discovered it doesn’t work exactly how it should), maybe I was “just” tired. One thing is for sure. I HAVE to sign up for the lottery for next year again to find out if I can do this better and faster!

BERLIN chilling

The registration for Berlin Marathon is open now! You can register HERE!

“If I can run a marathon, then YOU can too!” 

Are you registering for the lottery for 2016 too?

If you have never run a marathon, are you thinking about running one?

And/or have you run the Berlin Marathon?


P.S. At the end, even with all the “difficulties” we finished 4:33:31 so just a little bit “over” our planned time.

P.P.S. I honestly do not know what I would do without Ela! I would probably be still running now…

P.P.P.S. Thanks to all the lovely people cheering! Sian, Bene and Ines, do you know how amazing you are?! THANK YOU!


  1. Hi, hi… otázka spíš měla znít, zda třeba někdy půjdeme maraton… pěšky :-) Ne, ani pěšky ne. Děkuji :-))))) A ani na kole bych to jet asi nechtěla. Autem je to zas nuda. Vlakem by to mohlo být zajímavé. No, vrtulníkem nad tratí, to by mě ale bavilo :-))))))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Don’t give up now, you are almost a marathoner.” Dear Lord, I got a tear in my eye reading this, so no surprise you did, too, when you were running! Congratulations on the accomplishment! You’re the beast. I cross my fingers that you will enjoy the next one more. I guess you might have had some troubles because of the other marathon just 2 weeks earlier, and your body wasn’t fully recovered yet?


    • There was loads of really cool signs and I made myself promise that next time I’m not running and I’m only cheering, I’m making some signs too :)

      Who knows… Maybe I was just tired… Who knows.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You are amazing!! Huuuuuge congratulations!!! Your thought processes made me laugh so much, I can only imagine how difficult it was!!!! I have similar thought processes in my F45 training class (never again, never again!) and that’s just 45mins! You are an inspiration! Hopefully you enjoy the next one a little more but in the meantime you know you can do it! Wooh!


  4. Oh my god Babeta I just found your blog, but it made me so happy to read this cause I just signed up for the next one!
    I have to find a running buddy, it seems like Ela really made a difference.


    • Hey Liv, thanks for find my blog! Whoop whoop!

      Did you sign up for Berlin? PERFECT! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to “get in”!
      In sure that even if I don’t get in I will come and cheer along :)

      Running buddy is essential! Where about do you live?


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