Advent Running – December won’t stop us!

Keeping motivated to go out for a run when it’s dark and cold outside, your mind is busy thinking about all the presents you need to get, all the last deadlines at work you need to finish and when the smell of Christmas cookies and mulled is everywhere, is bloody hard.

But not this year! We will keep on running this Advent time!


I ran a lot this year. I completed ten half marathons and two marathons. In January I am doing another two marathons. I should be training right now but even for me, super enthusiastic and excited runner, it is really hard to stay motivated when everyone around me doesn’t feel like running.

My friends Claudia Schroegel and James Pool, both certified Triathlon coaches in UK, had similar problem. Last year they started AdventRunning and motivated 1500 people to join them to run 25 days in a row, share their pictures on facebook and support each other. In London they even organized live running events, including early morning runs.

I joined the group and in 25 days I managed to conquer nice 164 kilometres. I loved it but, secretly, I was pretty jealous that I’m missing out on the early morning runs happening in London. If you fancy reading about what I learned about myself when I did AdventRunning last year, you can click HERE.

Hence I decided, that if London can have AdventRunning, then Prague and Czech Republic can join in as well and have our own Adventní Běhání!

So I convinced couple of my friends to do this challenge with me. But then I realized that the more people join in, the bigger motivation there is and therefore I decided to challenge all of you to join us as well.


How does it work?

The concept is simple. Run every day from 1. December till 25th December. The only rule is that each run needs to be a minimum of 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter how fast, or how far.

And if you are only starting with running, or would like to start, then brisk walking counts as well!

How to join us?

We will support each other virtually, so join our Facebook group Adventní Běhání/ 25 in 25 HERE.

Every day we will share in words and pictures how was our run or walk.

To keep you motivated to complete the challenge, we have prepared a few competitions with mini prices – we will share info about these in the facebook group during the challenge.


Are you in Prague in December?

If you are in Prague, then you can join us for a sightseeing run every Wednesday before work at 7 am. We are meeting in Sophie’s hostel (Melounová 3, Praha 2), where you can keep your bags and where you can shower afterwards. And as a little treat, coffee and freshly baked croissant will wait for us when we come back from our run.

And it’s for free. Of course.

Because all the best things in the world are.



P.S. Claudia and James are doing AdventRunning again. Bigger and better this year! THIS is where the Guardian wrote about them couple of days ago! Pretty cool! And if you are in London, you should definitely join in – there are events happening EVERY DAY! Join HERE.

P.P.S. I am still a bit jealous that I won’t be running in London.

P.P.P.S. I am pretty damn excited that I will be running in Prague with some of you?!


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