How has Advent Running taken over my life in December and why I love it

When I ran 25 days in a row last year I would have never imagined what will follow…

Last year in December I lived in Berlin, I ran for 25 days in a row and I really enjoyed being part of an online community where everyone supported each other. If you fancy reading about my last year’s advent journey you can read about week 1 HERE, week 2 HERE, week 3 HERE and week 4 HERE.

Throughout this year, I got to meet some of these online friends “in real life” and it turned out that they are pretty damn cool people!


running with sarah


And then, one autumn evening in a floating sauna on a lake in Sweden, I was chatting to the amazing and super inspirational Claudia about how much I loved Advent Running and how jealous I was not being able to join the fun in London. And she said, well, maybe you could bring Advent Running to Praha. Hmm!




When I got back from Sweden I was determined to start Advent Running in Praha but then I went for a regular doctor’s check up and it turned out that I may have cancer… (I wrote about my cancer scare HERE). At the end it turned out that, hopefully, I don’t have cancer, but I spend month and a half running mainly from and to doctors appointments instead of outside with my trainers on. Btw. do you know how is your thyroid doing?


A week before December, when I knew, that I should be okay, I thought: Let’s do it!! I created Adventní Běhání facebook group, wrote a blog post about it, posted pictures on Instagram, talked to loads of my friends and December 1st there was 250 of us on facebook and the journey has started!


lets do it


And what a journey it was!

We had people posting their running journey every day in December from not only different parts of the Czech Republic but also from Australia, China and Germany! Everyone was, and still is, supporting and encouraging each other. Amazing!

I also had people who were not posting publicly on facebook but who were sending me their runs via private messages! I loved it!


It makes my heart glow when I think about all the love and passion around Adventní Běhání and Advent Running!


jumping letna


Every Wednesday morning we ran for coffee & croissants before work.

Every Thursday we ran for beer in the evening.

On 24th and 25th we ran together for mince pies in our xmas jumpers!

And because we have loads of people in our group from Ostrava (another city in Czech Republic), we had a special “extra” run in Ostrava on the 26th!


xmas run


I spend Advent Running 2014 mainly running alone and wanting to run in a group. I spend Adventní Běhání/ Advent Running 2015 running with and surrounded by people who share the same passion as me and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to every single person who took an active part and made this such a fantastic experience! Not only in Czech Republic and UK but everywhere else around the globe!


Adventní Běhání is now, just like its big sister Advent Running in UK, a community of people who love to run, for whom it is not so important to beat their PB but to run to experience the world and to have fun.

I can’t wait for 2016 and for all the “runploring” events which I’m planning. Running to a brewery? Yes! Running up the highest mountain in Czech Republic? Yes! And much more! I’m super excited only when I think about it! Yay!


tempelhof jumping


If you haven’t taken part in Advent Running this year, we’re counting with you for next year!

Happy running!

Happy exploring!

Happy living!

Happy New Year everyone!





P.S. It also makes me feel very emotional and proud that so many people have blogged about Adventní Běhání! Thank you so much for your support!

So, if you fancy reading about Adventní Běhání (in Czech) pop over to:


Hospodářské noviny (a national newspaper) wrote about what is Adventní Běhání HERE

Eda from Prostě Běž wrote about us HERE

Supermom Aneta from Run Heart has blogged about us HERE

Verunka has blogged about us on her old blog HERE and then again, on her new blog Zivot(a)beh HERE (whoop whoop!)

Another superfitmom Péťa from Před Pikolou has blogged about her experience HERE

Terez from Laviedete, who takes the most beautiful pictures, has written about her running December HERE

Poor Nikola from Forty Four, who got injured when Advent Running in rice field in Bali, has also written about us HERE


P.P.S. It makes me feel super special knowing that I have inspired Eva from ZaBě to organise Wednesday morning runs in her home town!

P.P.P.S. Why does this feel like the Oscar thank you speech? :)











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