What “not to forget to do” when in New York… my style!

Have you ever been to New York?

My relationship with New York is like a passionate love affair. I love it when I’m there. I don’t think about it when I’m not there. And when I come back I can’t help but wonder: how come that I haven’t returned sooner when I love it so much?!


New York is LOUD, CHEEKY, BUSY, DIVERSE and “oh, so LUSH”! And you really cannot not love it once you are there.


I’ve been to NYC quite a few times and I am always stunned by the choice, variety and possibilities you have here.

You can go and wander along all the main touristy bits – and if it is your first time, then you definitely should go and see the Statue of Liberty, feel taken aback by the big promo screens on Time Square and walk across Brooklyn Bridge. I guarantee that it will be exactly what you imagined it is like.


But if it is not your first time, then make sure you explore some of the other neighborhoods and the things they have to offer!

During this last trip I stayed with friend David (thanks ever so much) in Harleem. And I loved David’s “hood”. Full of super hip cafes, nice eats, friendly folk and only two stops from the centre on the express train. Perfect.


Anyways, these are my five “don’t forget to do” when in New York tips:




  1. Eat like crazy

For a foodie like me NYC is a paradise! There are so many fantastic places where you can eat (in my case: stuff your face like crazy) and drink! There are also loads of recommendations on where you should go and what to try. My main recommendation is not to stick to recommendations, get away from the main touristy bits, explore and eat your way through New York.

It is possible that I would actually kill for a, straight out of the oven, cinnamon bagel with generous lashings of walnut and raisin cream cheese from Absolute Bagels. And the same goes for Double Chocolate Brownie Donut from Dough. YUMM! And burgers! Have you heard about the Burger Joint? I love the burgers, I love the place.

If you take a stroll on the Highline Park make sure you walk all the way to block 353 West 14th Street and pop in to Gansevoort Market (a little less touristy sister of Chelsea Market) and make sure you have a ceviche from Mission Ceviche. And just around a corner is Kobrick Coffee Co. where you can get a lovely cup of coffee.

Lulu’s Taqueria is a must when you are in Harleem. And don’t be like me and don’t order a quesadilla on a Taco Tuesday. Silly me!

And, for me, no trip to NYC would be complete without spending hours (literally) drooling over the salad bars in Whole Foods.




  1. Drink with a view

When in New York you want to see the city from above. I know. Me too. It is cheesy, super touristy but I do it every time I’m there. However I hate queuing for an elevator to take me up and then again queuing for an elevator to take me down. So I choose a rooftop bar instead. Ideal. You get a drink, have a view and, most of the time, you are not fighting with masses of tourists who all want to take the same picture like you. There are loads of rooftop bars, just spend a couple of minutes on Google.

Or pop in to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have a terrace with a little bar and the view across Central Park you get there is pretty something! Btw. If you are on a budget… did you know that the admission amount is up to you? So don’t feel shy, don’t pay the 25 dollars. Pay less and buy a drink on the top instead.




  1. Take a cable car to Roosevelt Island

Do you have a MetroCard? Perfect. It is valid for the Roosevelt Island Tramway as well. The cable car connects Upper East Side of Manhattan with Roosevelt Island. The entrance to the tram is on 2nd Avenue and 60th Street. The trip takes about 4 minutes and if you go when the sun is going down, you will be amazed! I promise. You can do a round trip and then walk down Lexington Avenue and window shop in one of the many cool shops there.




  1. See a show on Brodway

This is not a Halloween picture. Promise. This is me in the theatre… NYC style. No trip to NYC is complete without a show on Broadway.

But promise me not to queue on Times Square for a ticket! You can buy a discounted ticket online or in another shop but please, don’t be a sheep, and don’t queue at Times Square. It is waste of the time when you could be exploring.

And the best show I have ever seen there? Sleep No More. It is different, interactive and unexpected. And during the three hours which it lasts (and it really doesn’t feel that long), the rule is: what you put in is what you get out.

If you get a chance, get a ticket.




  1. Run in Central Park

Of course I mention running! I am a runner!

Running in Central Park is such a cliché I hear you say (or at least think). But if you are a runner, I bet all my running socks, that you will want to go for a run in Central Park at least once. Not only it is pretty around there and you may be lucky and spot someone famous (it has never happened to me but I am notoriously known for not recognizing anyone famous even when speaking to them) but you may even feel famous!

And if you are serious about running… New York Marathon is supposed to be amazing (and still is on my wishlist). And if you don’t get lucky in the ballot for the Marathon, try the Half Marathon! Apparently it is easier to get in to (with ballot) and registrations for 2017 are open right this moment.


If you are not a runner, you rent a bike and cycle around the park… I have done that as well and it is pretty awesome too :)




New York is an amazing place. And what I love about it the most is that when you think you can’t take the buzz of the city anymore, you come across a hidden place such as Paley Park and you fall in love with the city all over again.


Have you been to New York?

What are your favorite places and things to do in NYC?

And… have you run New York Marathon? How was it? Should I continue being jealous of everyone who has run it?


P.S. When walking down on Lexington Avenue you can come across loads of different shops. Discounted puppies anyone? 50% off. A bargain!

P.P.S. I am happy I don’t live in NYC. I would be SOoOo0Oo fat! So many gorgeous choices.

P.P.P.S. I can’t wait to be back… and it’s only been a couple of weeks since I’ve been!





  1. Oh New York ist einfach wirklich immer herrlich. Da hast du schöne Tipps, die man wirklich nicht missen sollte, zusammengetragen. Ich liebe all die Brücken und freue mich schon auf den nächsten Besuch. Da werde ich ganz bestimmt wieder über die ein oder andere laufen!


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