December means running for 25 days in a row! What else.

And it also means lots of time spend with friends, all the food and drink (mulled wine, yum yum!) and being literally glued to my Facebook and Instagram for 25 days and being constantly in awe at all the people who are equally crazy as I am and who “signed up” for our Advent Running challenge!


What am I talking about?


In 2014 I joined Advent Running community online and ran 25 days in a row on my own. I lived in Berlin and mainly ran on the old airport Templehofer Feld and I loved it.


In 2015 I moved to Prague and started Adventní Běhání (Advent Running in Czech). From an online community of 20 of my closest friends our group expanded to over 250 people. We shared pictures of our runs online, but we also ran together in real life. I SUPER loved it.




And from a bunch of people who ran for 25 days in a row we became friends, who cheer each other at running races and spend weekends away together. We ran up the highest mountain of Czech Republic called Sněžka to watch the sunrise, we ran to a brewery to taste different beers and other crazy things.


December is just few days away and we are all geared up to run 25 days in a row again!


And I can’t wait to be glued to my Facebook and Instagram and be virtually travelling to different places and being inspired by all the stories of all of our enthusiastic runners.




What is this all about you wonder?


The concept is simple. Run every day from 1. December till 25th December. The only rule is that each run needs to be a minimum of 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter how fast, or how far.

And if you are only starting with running, or would like to start, then brisk walking counts as well!


How to join us?


Since we support each other virtually you can join our Facebook group Adventní Běhání HERE.

Starting 1.12. we will share in words and pictures how was our run or walk every day.


Will you be in Prague this December?


Superb! Because we have organized lots of cool events where we can meet each other and run together “in the real life” so keep tuned and look out for the Facebook events.


Do you really want to know what is the best thing about this Advent Running malarkey? That you get to meet so many brilliant people!!! Advent Running isn’t only about changing your December habits, it is about changing your life… and I mean it :)


So… who is Advent Running with us this December?




P.S. Do you wonder how did it happen that I organized Adventní Běhání in Prague? Well, it all started in a Swedish sauna… and you can read about this HERE.


P.P.S. If you are still not sure if you should join us or not, then make sure you check out my Advent Running diary from 2014 HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. And what did Advent Running teach me HERE. And then, I’m sure, you will want to join us this year as well!


P.P.P.S. And if you speak Czech, you may also read a bit more HERE.










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