Advent Running 2016 was… a bit different.

Have you noticed that I put on some weight?

Have you noticed that I have been running a bit less?

Have you noticed that I have been jumping way less than usual?


You were correct.

I have. All three. And on purpose.


Why? Because apparently it is normal to put on weight and slow down a notch when you are pregnant.




It was unexpected and not really planned and my first thought when I found out was: “Oh no, what about the Two Oceans Ultra I’m supposed to run in April?”

My second thought was: “Holy shit! Yes! OMG! Aaaa!” (And there were some happy tears as well but there are no proper words to describe this feeling.)


This was in November when I was having a planned break from running to let all my joints rest and to enjoy the world outside of running. If you have never took a planned break from running I highly recommend it. It’s great and you sooo want to go for a run when the break is over, it’s unbelievable.

In fact one November afternoon I decided to go for a little cheeky run since I sooo fancied the feeling after a run. I ran about 6k and it was… awful! I couldn’t breathe, my legs felt like two pieces of stones. I felt like I finished a marathon the day before. Weird! In fact, I thought I was getting ill. When I got home, Pepa made fun of me and said I should buy a pregnancy test just in case. The next day I did. And to my surprise the test was positive.


It’s funny how life goes. I spend Advent Running 2014 running all alone in Berlin and wishing I was running in a group. I spend Advent Running 2015 running in a group of fantastic like minded people and kept wondering if I have cancer or not. And this year, Advent Running 2016, I spend not only running with a group of fantastic like minded people but running for two and feeling super sick most the time and wondering how the hell I will survive every day running in December.




Yup, the first three months of “being pregnant” were pretty mental. I don’t understand why the “morning sickness” is called morning sickness when you feel sick all bloody day long. I was sick when I didn’t eat, I was sick when I ate. And if only that… I couldn’t go to toilet properly, kept yawning all day long (I feel sorry for all the people who had to sit through meetings and interviews with me when I kept yawning away and they probably thought that they were boring me), my face was covered with spots and my boobs! Ouch! On top of this I was determined to try “advent-run” every day. Really soon it became obvious that I will need to adjust my running quite a bit. One Wednesday morning, during our usual #runforbreakfast, I even had to call a taxi mid run and drive back to the starting point because I kept throwing up. Joy joy.


So I slowed down lots. And by lots I mean LOTS. Basically when I run I breathe like if I smoked 40 cigarettes per day and when I come across a hill I need to walk it otherwise I guess someone would need to either call an ambulance or carry me up. My legs are fine but my lungs just can’t keep up. No wonder since I am breathing for two – I keep reminding myself. And I’m not even mentioning my boobs! OMG! I can’t run anything over 10k as my nipples start properly hurting (who would have thought). On some days I’m just sooo tired that I simply don’t run. And this is pretty much what happened during Advent Running as well. So, this year, I did not run the whole 25 days. In fact I ran only about 17 days and I think that’s a great achievement.




However the biggest challenge has been ensuring that no one from our Adventní Běhání (Advent Running) community gets “suspicious”. I’m sure people have been thinking that I was “slacking off” a bit but I really wanted to wait for the first three months to go by and to ensure that the baby is okay and staying with me.

Few years ago I had a miscarriage hence I know what this does to ones (mine) psyche. And I knew that if someone told me that I lost a baby because I was running (and I was sure this would happen as here in Czech most of the doctors say it is not recommended to run during pregnancy) I would feel really horrible and it would take me a while to get over this feeling.


I was successful at my biggest challenge as no one noticed a thing. Whoop whoop! Maybe I chose the wrong day job and I should have been an actress instead of working in the hotel industry. I will admit thought that I felt horrible for “lying” to so many people but “you gotta do what you gotta do”, right?




I LOVED Advent Running 2017 (except the lying part, obviously). This year there were over 650 of us running here in Czech Republic! Unbelievable!

It is a privilege to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic and like minded people! And I can’t wait for all the activities and runs we will all do together throughout this year and I am already excited about Advent Running 2017 (with a little baby being involved as well).


What’s happening with me and my “already showing a bit” belly? We will keep on running till we can, I will not run the races I have signed up for this year if they are over 10k and I’m sure I’ll be bringing some updates to all of you on how it’s all going…




If you were pregnant: when did you “come out” and did you “lie” as well?

What do you think about running and pregnancy? What is your experience?

Who is joining us for Advent Running 2017?



P.S. I already researched running buggies. They look pretty cool. And expensive!


P.P.S. My biggest challenge of no-one recognizing that I’m pregnant would not have been successful without my beloved Barbora as she was the one who took charge of all of our group runs when I simply couldn’t run. THANK YOU!!! Adventní Běhání would not be the same without you!!!


P.P.P.S. Everyone always shares the cute baby pictures scans. We have these as well but we also received the below picture. Hahaha! It really made Pepa and I chuckle. Now it is obvious, we are going to have an E.T. as our baby. The doctor seemed super pleased with the picture and kept saying that it is wonderful so I shall believe him :)))





  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I just had my little one 10 weeks ago, and as soon as I was cleared to get back to working out, I started running again…only at first it was a slow jog with my lungs burning like I smoked 40 cigarettes too! But finally I am back to feeling strong after my last run. Can’t wait to continue on my running journey and staying active with my son.

    I didn’t tell anyone either until after 12 weeks besides my hubby and immediate family. Luckily for me, I didn’t gain that much weight thanks to going for runs up until the very end! Good luck and wishing you and your baby lots of health and happiness!


    • Fantastic!! Congratulations!!! Hihi… yup yup… the lungs… :)))
      I don’t even want to know how it will feel like after the baby comes. I have a feeling that I will weight a ton by then end of this pregnancy – I already keep piling weight on :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! Don’t worry, it gets easier the more you keep running and getting active. And about the weight, it’s a miracle to grow a human! You are active, and breastfeeding does wonders to shedding baby weight…so no worries =)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Blahopreji, congrats! I too was running pregnant. As the matter of fact, running kept me sane for most of my pregnancy. Slow and easy pace, good music and no worries about what other people say. My gynecologist was not against pregnancy running as long as I felt comfy with it and so I ran till the 8th month…. and picked it up again about 10 weeks after delivery. Enjoy!


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