A bit of running and a lot of life in Second Trimester: what everyone promised and what didn’t happen


When you look at every pregnancy app, read something about what it feels like when you are pregnant, when you talk to people… everyone says that the “morning sickness” (read: all bloody day long sickness) finishes like a miracle by week 13, with the start of the second trimester.


Don’t believe them! It may but it also may not…


Yup, for me it did not finish by week 13 and I enjoyed another month of multiple throw up stops on my way to work, not being able to eat certain food and literally not being able to stand next to people who clearly skipped morning hygiene (actually, there should be a prison sentence for this misbehavior!).




But yes, it is not a lie and “they” are correct, the second trimester is much better than the first one. And since I am now well into the last stretch of this pregnancy, I can honestly say, that it is also much better than the third trimester. Auch!


Having heard and read how great second trimester is I planned a ton of trips, including a half marathon in Barcelona beforehand. But things didn’t go exactly as planned… do they ever?!


I kept running till about 5th month but then I stopped. My hips started hurting and running just didn’t feel right. More about this HERE. It is pretty amazing how the body signals what is and isn’t right for you and all you need to do is to “just” listen. And I find it even more interesting that even someone like me, who is very stubborn and usually doesn’t listen, actually listens when you know that there is someone else involved, who is in fact living inside of you.



This is one of my last “running pictures”… I did not even have a proper pregnancy belly then!


Anyways, I still went to Barcelona for the half marathon but I did not run and instead I cheered like a lion. But it was equally fun and yes I did have some cheeky Cava and Rioja because this is a must when you are in Spain and I’m sure my baby loved it as well.


I can honestly say that I spend second trimester travelling. Every weekend I was somewhere as I tried to pack as many things in as possible. So I went to Barcelona (twice), England, Berlin, Florida, on a yoga retreat mountain weekend and I also explored the Czech Republic.


And I was TIRED. Pretty much the whole time… tired but HAPPY and that is what actually matters I think!




What really took me by surprise during these three (month 4, 5 and 6 of pregnancy) months?

  • Throwing up did not finish when “they” promised. Grrr! But when it did, it really did – one day in the morning I felt okay and it stayed that way. Whoop whoop!
  • Everyone says that I look amazing and that I have a “pregnancy glow”. Well, I feel like a whale, sweat like a pig and I have never seen any glow around these two animals. Have you? Hmm!
  • My boobs grew some more! I did not event think it was possible any more. And everyone tells me that I may have problems breastfeeding with such big boobs (thanks for the encouragement, everyone!).
  • Sex is a filthy filthy word. In fact, what is sex? I think I have forgotten already…
  • Heartburn is a real THING! But man, how little did I know what was about to come in the third trimester, I wouldn’t have even complained in the second one…
  • Pregnancy brain is also a real THING! And how I laughed at everyone when they said it will happen to me too! When we were on holiday, we managed to (thanks to me, oops) return our hire car one day earlier and check in to a hotel one day too early. Hahaha. Plus I forgot to send in my tax paperwork on time (I didn’t laugh too much when I found out about this.)
  • You get perks when you are pregnant! At least something great! When we travelled to Florida we were given special seats and extra food on the flights and they let us skip the two hours queue at the American border. Whoopee!
  • Everyone is happy that you are pregnant which is also kind of cool. You are like a bearer of good news. I got hugged by several very random people whom I met and who saw that I was pregnant. Brilliant.


It’s all fun and games!


But then you go to the doctor and you see the below and you forget that you feel and look like a whale, you can’t sleep properly, you don’t fit in any clothes because… you have a BABY IN YOUR BELLY.




I am probably not your usual “mother in waiting”. Just a couple of days ago my mom said that I am probably more annoyed how shitty and incapable I feel, then being super excited about being pregnant (sometimes I feel a bit guilty about this) BUT every time when the baby kicks and when I go to the doctor and they confirm that everything is exactly as it should be and that the baby is super healthy, I feel happy and proud of my whale looking body for growing another human being.


If you were pregnant: how was your second trimester?

Did you sometimes feel guilty for feeling “annoyed” that you are incapable of managing everything as usual?

Do you touch pregnant ladies bellies?




P.S. I also think it is weird how everyone wants to touch your belly. I feel self-conscious and people keep wanting to touch my stomach! I don’t mind it with family and friends but random strangers?



P.P.S. Heartburn is pure hell! I can’t wait to complain about this in the next post Haha. If you have ever experienced a proper heartburn then you probably know what I mean!


P.P.P.S. Let me repeat what I said previously… every pregnancy is different. Some people feel absolutely okay! In fact, my sister is also pregnant and she has a third (if not less) of all the problems I keep experiencing. Yes, I am jealous but also happy for her. So don’t freak out and… “be pregnant” too! :)



  1. Já si nemůžu stěžovat, mně je celé těhotenství líp než normálně, žádné výkyvy jako při PMS apod.! Ale malá je tvrdohlavá a nechce se otočit :( Tak uvidíme jak to celé dopadne.


    • Tak to ti závidím!! Ale je to tak, každý to má prostě úplně jinak… je to docela legrace pozorovat. A já si pořád říkám, že třeba to pak budu mít hodný mimino, když mám teď peklíčko. No a třeba taky ne, že Jo :))))

      A zkoušela jsi nějaký ty jogový pozice na otočení? Asi Jo, viď?


  2. 1. Vypadáš krásně.
    2. Velikost prsou nemá žádnou souvislost s kojením, to pouštěj jedním uchem tam a druhým ven.
    3. Blila jsem do pátého měsíce jak šakal. Znovu jsem začala zvracet až před porodem a během něj!
    4. Ani jedno těhotenství nebylo nijak příjemným obdobím, záviděla jsem hubeným holkám s malými břichy a tlustým holkám s malými břichy a všem, kdo si ten jiný stav děsně užívaly. Rodit bych šla klidně znovu, těhotná už bych být nechtěla!
    5. Na žáhu pomáhalo rennie, po vypotřebování denní dávky (během cca hodiny) mi zabíralo ledově vychlazený mlíko – nikdy předtím jsem to nepoznala a nikdy potom (naštěstí) už taky ne.
    6. Drž se! Srpenec je za rohem ;-)


    • 1. Dík!
      2. Podám pak report :))))
      3. Já blila do nějakýho 4.5 a teď už zase vesele bliju dál (ať žije žáha). Kdybyh neměla aspoň ty dva měsíce neblicí pauzu, tak už visím na nějakým stromě :)
      4. Závidím všem a rodit nechci! Pořád doufám, že se miminko “zázračně a bezbolestně” zjeví :)))
      5. Jediný, co pomáhá je vůbec nic nejíst, ale pak mám zase hlad, žejo… mám nějaký speciál prášky od doktorky na recept, ale taky prd dělají. Rada doktorky: porodit. A jestli to neodejde, tak si půjdu hledat ztepilý topol.
      6. Mám termín v červenci, takže doufám, že do srpna čekat nebude :))))


  3. Rika se, ze tehotenstvi je pitomy, aby se clovek vic tesil na jeho konec = porod… No, nevim, von ten porod taky nic moc. Taky se rika, ze veskery poucky a rady neplatej, kazdej to proziva (= protrpi) nejak jinak. Kazdopadne uz to mas za par, takze hlavu vzhuru! Moje jedina rada je VYSPI SE, DOKUD JE CAS! Vsemu zdar!


  4. I had such goose bumps. Yes, someone is growing up in you. For me a miracle and I wish you both all the best!

    P.S. No, I would not touch your belly. I am too shy but I saw it when my little sister got her baby girl… I was crying when I was with her when she met her doctor one time. I could not believe to see and hear the baby and in the end feel her kicking. Crazy.


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