Last year on this day I ran Chicago marathon!

It sounds like a sci-fi right now! Me? A marathon?

Right now I can’t breathe properly when I walk fast or uphill, none of my clothes fit me and I weigh 20 kilos more than last year.




I have a pretty cool little human being next to me who doesn’t like sleeping and loves me unconditionally. Even in the morning when my breath smells bad :)




The truth is that all the kilos (28! at the end) and all the un-comfort during pregnancy were really worth it. Everyone always told me that when my baby will smile at me I will forget all the sleepless nights and the kilometers walked in the flat to soothe the baby. And everyone was right. Even when Kvido wakes up at 2am and smiles and talks and wants to play till 6am and I can barely keep my eyes open. Who would have thought that my body will learn to function on so little sleep in such a short time.


As you know, my plan was to run throughout my pregnancy. Unfortunately that didn’t exactly work and I stopped running around fifth month. (More about this HERE.) I also thought that once the first six weeks post partum are over I will get back to running. Little did I know that I will spend the last month of my pregnancy in bed with high blood pressure (more about this to come) and that the high blood pressure will stay with me even after I give birth.

In fact, I am still on medication now and struggle with high blood pressure. Something which has never been a problem for me before. Next week I am going to see a cardiologist and I hope that we will get my blood pressure under control again.


Kvido is now 2.5 months and I am still not running.



Sure, high blood pressure isn’t perfect but the main reason why I haven’t returned back to running just as yet are… LAZINESS and FEAR.

Yup. I am lazy and scared. Scared of not being able to run and scared of the pain of how much it will hurt to move a body which hasn’t moved for good few months. And I am lazy – one gets used to doing nothing pretty quickly. Okay, I am not doing completely nothing: I have a tiny baby who loves walking in stroller (and it is one of the very few ways how he will actually sleep during the day) but I am not doing any exercise of sorts.




This will all change. From tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the day when I will “get back to it”.

Thanks to the lovely Máma v běhu I have a six week training plan on how to get back to running after giving birth. It consists of a lot of walking and indian running which is the way forward I think.


It will hurt, I will probably be knackered and frustrated but I’m sure it will be worth it. I can’t wait when I get some of my fitness back and when I will run for the love of running again!


To ensure that I stay motivated I started a “New beginnings” challenge in our running group so it isn’t only me following this “back to it” training plan and so we can motivate each other.

The big plan is that on 8.12. I will run my first half marathon after giving birth – in Dubai. I already paid for the registration and flight tickets so there is no way back. I don’t care about the speed. Speed is relative anyways. The goals simply is: to cross the finish line. If it means that I will only be able to do it in three hours, then so be it…


Wish me luck!




When did you get back to running after giving birth?

Have you run the Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon? How was it?

Have you ever had a longer break from running? How did you get back to it?




P.S. I should also do some shopping because I don’t fit in any of my clothes, including my work out clothes… 20 kilos is 20 kilos.


P.P.S. I am genuinely excited about the running stroller we have and I am praying that the excitement will last even after the first run.


P.P.P.S. I will write about the third trimester… I promise! I did not feel like writing anything the last couple of months but now I think, as with other things, I am “back to it”. Yay!


  1. Jak to bylo se mnou moc dobře víš (s M. šest týdnů po porodu, s K. jsem vydržela neběhat čtyři).
    Pro zajímavost jsem oprášila tréninkový deníček a našla, že první půlmaraton jsem s M. uběhla (s kočárem :-) tehdy ještě s RedCastlem Sport Jogg a dokonce ve vff) 13.4.2012 – tedy téměř přesně půl roku po porodu, s K. 11.1., tam to trvalo ještě o měsíc dýl.
    Dubaj bude určitě krásná, budu se těšit na fotky a zážitky! A neboj se ničeho, ten návyk je jako jízda na kole, obnovuje se rychle a všechno shodíš, jen to prostě nebude jak u instamatek přes noc, někdo si ten sixpack musí holt vydřít víc než jiný :-)


    • Pul roku po porodu… tak ta Dubaj bude pet měsíců, ale začínám se hýbat az ted. No, nejak to bude. Snad budu schopna ubehnout aspon půlku a druhou kdyztak dojdu.
      Prave ted se upřímně děsím neděle, kdy je v plánu napsano, ze mam bezet 10 minut v kuse… včera jsem umírala u 2 minut :)))


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