About Babeta


Hi there!

Thanks for finding my blog and… WELCOME! I’m happy YOU are here!

Who am I?

Apparently I sometimes talk too much, I am overly enthusiastic (especially over silly little things), and have way too much energy for a “normal” human being. Apparently.


I am a Czech gal currently living “home” in Prague, Czech republic but I spend ten years  living abroad. I lived in the States,  in the United Kingdom and in Germany.

I love being inspired and to inspire and that is why I started this blog to begin with…  I write about everything and anything which inspires me or makes me stop and think. This blog develops, same as I do, over time. I love it. Life is journey and so is my blog.

I’m happy you stopped by! If something I wrote inspired you to “do something” or if it made you think that I’m completely bonkers, then I’m happy. And if I made you angry because of something, let me know and let’s discuss it! I love open and honest conversations.

Things and people I love the most and I also write about:

  • My family. I have a son Kvido born in July 2017 and he is AMAZING (of course I am going to say this, I am his mom).
  • My work. I work as a CEO in an amazing company operating hotels and hostels and I truly love what I do. I always say that career in hospitality requires a lot of hard work and mountains of passion.
  • My running. Right now I am in a stage where I am trying to get back to running marathons after giving birth. It ain’t easy.
  • My eats. Because there are only a few pleasures in life and food is one of the BIGGEST ones for me. I LOVE food, who doesn’t?!
  • My travels. I am passionate traveller. In fact, I never sit still. Now, with Kvido, travelling has reached a new dimension and it is even more exciting.

If you’d like to say hello, please send me an email: babetaruns@gmail.com

I’d LOOOOOVE to hear from you!



P.S. Oh.. and you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. See you there! Yay!

P.P.S. Can one say “a gal” when I am well over 30?! Hmm!

P.P.P.S. Sometimes people ask me why I blog in English when I am Czech national. It’s simple. I spend 10 years living in countries where my primary language was English. I am now living back in Czech Republic but work in a company where we have 39 different nationalities (I LOVE our diversity) and English is our company language. My brain functions in English hence blogging in English comes more natural to me than in Czech.


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