About Babeta

babeta about me

Hi there!

Thanks for finding my blog and… WELCOME!

Who am I?

Apparently I talk too much, I am overly enthusiastic (especially over silly little things), have way too much energy for a “normal” human being and my last name should be “crazy”.

This is what one of my friends recently told me… Hmm! Well!


I am a Czech gal currently living “home” in Prague, Czech republic. In the last ten years I lived in the States,  in the United Kingdom and in Germany.

I love being inspired and to inspire and that’s why I decided to start this blog…  I write about everything and anything which inspires me and if it brings a smile or a bit of  “tingle”  to someone else than I am super happy! And if it makes you think that I’m in fact completely bonkers, then I’m happy too… all emotions count :)

Things and people I love the most:

  • My crazy family (two sisters, mom, dad, Líza and Květa the dogs, Figaro the twenty-one years old cat… you will probably read about them).
  • My friends all around the world (poor them, they will also be mentioned definitely! Ha!)
  • Running (a passion I truly discovered few years ago and just “can’t get enough”… you will DEFINITELY read about this).
  • Food (I love cooking and baking but.. most of all… eating! So you will also read LOADS about it.)
  • Exploring (going for a run and getting lost in a place you’ve never been to before is one of the coolest things ever).
  • LIFE in general!

Job wise my career is in the hospitality industry. Why I chose hospitality? Because I love people and hospitality is all about people and I really believe that if you treat people nice, motivate them and help them to develop then your business flourishes. In the last ten years I ran hostels, hotels, bars, restaurants and opened first Starbucks in the Czech republic. Yay!

I have a BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management and for some “stupid” reason I thought it was a good idea to continue studying so right now I’m doing my MBA degree.

If you’d like to say hello, then send me an email: babetaruns@gmail.com

I’d LOOOOOVE to hear from you!



P.S. Oh.. and you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. See you there! Yay!



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